You have Thought. We have a Team.

The Thought Tank is a global consultancy firm built on transparency and trust.

Our ‘outside-in’ perspective ensures our clients always have the support they need when the time is right to bring ideas to life.

With more than 25 years of private and public sector experience, TTT can work with you to provide just in time solutions and support.

We also customise our solutions to our clients’ needs and can walk through the entire journey, from concept design to total implementation.

Design Thinking

Experience & Service Design

Customer Insights

Project Management

"We are here to make a difference"

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is believing we can make a difference using our creative abilities to transform challenges into opportunities.

TTT is built on the premise of Design Thinking. We have confidence that better things are coming. Anything is possible and we have the skills, tools, technologies and connections needed to make your strategic business goals happen.

Our Design Thinking methodology has 4 key focus areas:
1. Human-centricity - understanding needs, deep empathy and psychological motivation.
2. Collaboration – by using multiple perspectives and bringing great minds in solving the challenge.
3. Tenacity – we have grit, determination and stamina; we do not give up easily and if you think there is a way, we will help you find it.
4. Experimentation – Learning by doing, being flexible, listening, repositioning and iterating until we get it right.

If you are ready to explore your ideas, problems or goals, get in touch with us!

Customer Insights

Everything in business starts with the customer.

Understanding customer needs and behaviours is imperative for any business aiming to place the customer at the heart of their business model. Customer-centric decision making relies on understanding who your customer is, and how your customer thinks and feels.

The best way to know your customer is to listen to them. TTT can connect you with the voice of your customer using sophisticated customer insight research methodologies and tools. TTT will work with you to build targeted customer surveys, end-to-end customer insights programs, and customer experience and stakeholder engagement strategies.

TTT is always exploring new and different tools and technologies to provide our customers access to cutting-edge voice of customer tools and technologies. We focus on finding out the important stuff you need to know: meaningful, segmented and actionable insights to inform your business decisions and direction.

TTT will empower your business to predict and prioritise, act on what is working and optimize on what is working best for them. Our partnerships allows our clients to benefit from best in breed experience management solutions for product experience, customer experience, brand experience and employee experience.

Experience & Service Design

Everyone loves a great experience. We know what it is when we have one, but do always know what we are missing when we do not have a great customer experience? TTT will work with you to design and implement a series of positive interactions with your customers.

We will help you love your challenges in order to identify solutions that will delight your customers.

Our design methodology involves 5 simple steps:

Empathise → Synthesis → Ideate → Prototype → Test

We will help you define and map your customer’s journey, understand the personas behind the customer at the coalface: who are they; what do they want, need, expect, desire; what makes them happy; what makes them come back, time and again.

Viewing your business challenges through the filters of the customer journey will reveal key areas for improvement and a world of unexpected new opportunities.

To guarantee increased customer loyalty and consistent delivery of experiences to drive top line grown, our solutions design focuses on the core components of customer experience.

Project Management

Providing end-to-end client engagement, with more than 10 years project management experience, TTT can support you with the implementation of your solutions. We have expertise in number of project management methodologies, providing our clients with the best tactic based on their organisational needs, starting with the end in mind.

We specialise in Project Management Institute (PMI) or Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), PRINCE2, LEAN Six Sigma and Agile/Scrum project management.

Project Management Services:

Ο  Voice of Customer programs

Ο  Process improvement/process re-engineering

Ο  Experience/Service designs

Ο  CRM or IT systems implementation

Ο  Case management implementation

Ο  Events management

Ο  Web and digital