Le Pont du Tamariner (LPDT) is a a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) in Mauritius founded under the name of the society of ‘Camp Lacolle’ in 2003 and re-branded in 2009 as ‘Le Pont du Tamarinier’. The association supports 115 families, around 460 individuals across 3 villages in Black River, Carre D’as, Tamarinier & Bougainvillier and is responsible for relocating and providing ongoing community and social support services for the less fortunate families of Black River, in the South West of Mauritius. In addition to the relocation services, LPDT provides a number of social services to the villages, including educational support and activities for kids and adults, entrepreneurship support for aspiring and current entrepreneurs from those 3 villages etc.

The TTT Solution

With the use of best-in-class experience management software and TTT’s customer research and project management expertise, LPDT was able to gain insights on which of their social services program had positive impact on their communities.

TTT designed a research solution to the needs of LPDT which included:

A census of each household across the 3 villages, gathering information such as household income, health, academic performance etc.
Awareness, usage and impact assessment of the LPDT social services
Mental Health assessment for community members and the design of early intervention strategies for LPDT
Self esteem and entrepreneurial goals indicators

The questionnaire was developed on the best-in-class research platform, Qualtrics, and our TTT team translated the questionnaire in 3 languages, English, French and Mauritian creole to support the research volunteers of different backgrounds.

The research was delivered face to face by volunteer research assistants with iPads. The research project took only 10 weeks from inception to completion.