The Thought Tank (TTT) is an end-to-end global business strategy consultancy.  From concept to completion, TTT will work with you to design customer-driven solutions all the way to total implementation.

Our team of dedicated consultants are experienced in creative and agile methodologies, including LEAN Six Sigma, Design Thinking, Service Design and Project Management.

TTT's founder, Sophie Imbert, is a visionary entrepreneur who specialises in business strategy, customer insights, design thinking, service design and project management.  Her purpose is to help organisations make a difference in people's lives.

Our team of highly skilled consultants will collaborate with you to:

Ο Design your business strategy
Ο Build and connect your brand
Ο Design your customer insights programs
Ο Design optimum experience for your customers
Ο Embed Experience & Service design strategies

TTT is agile, innovative and always thinks outside the square.

We have the skills, acumen and expertise you need to take your business plans, big ideas and strategies all the way to market.

Our Vision

Be the company that you can trust to make thoughts become a reality.

Our Mission

At The Thought Tank

We partner with our clients to help them take their thoughts and dreams and turn them into high pay off realities.

Our Values







Our Promise

♦ To help you achieve the important goals
♦ To commit, collaborate and deliver
♦ To be there every step of the way
♦ To be innovative, creative and tenacious


Our team provides an 'outside-in' perspective to help you with Design Thinking solutions, Customer Insights programs, Experience & Service Design and Project Management.